SAWA Financial Report

We believe that financial transparency is incredibly important.  On this page, you can see how and where all of the money we raise is used.  In the year 2015, we made huge progress.  Here's what that looked like:

For every $10 donated, $9.43 went directly to the kids.



Funds Benefitting the Kids


Funds for Administrative Expenses


Breakdown of Expenses


When you donate to SAWA, you aren't just buying "stuff" for the kids.  

You are investing in their futures.


Last year, 81% of all funds raised were invested in their education and future home.

Breakdown of funds benefitting the kids

(Figures represent % of total money spent on the kids in 2015)

Breakdown of funds raised per year


in 2014


in 2015


in 2016

Reported as of October 2016
Please note, that while we strive to be precise about our use of funds, figures are approximations due to fluctuations in exchange rates.